AutoWIKI - White Labeling 

Tell your story your way

Your own branded app tells the stories your visitors want to hear, in real time.

Enhance your visitors’ experience to your tourist attraction by telling them the stories of the places you take them to at your museum or historical site.  There is a world of difference between standing and reading a placard or listening from the back of a group to a tour guide on a mic somewhere ahead of you, and instead, hearing the story via your earbuds, as you enter the building or as you see the display.  

When you use our location-aware audio app to tell the stories of your tourism attraction the visitor stays longer and experiences more, because we’re giving them context of what they see right in front of them. It also gives them more to talk about to their friends, which makes it more likely that you’ll get more visitors.

YourPlace Naration app, aka YourPlace  is our white label location-aware audio guide app platform. It is a reliable accessible app built to operate on both iOS and Android smart phones. Whenever there is an upgrade on one of those platforms we upgrade your app to conform to their new requirements.

When you enter into a white labelling agreement with us the product and services are branded to reflect your own corporate and product identity.  We provide you with the technical support to ensure that your customers have the high-quality location-oriented audio experience that enhances their experience with you.

We track the performance, usage and customer feedback and report to you regularly.

You retain control of the content and messaging that is streamed to your audience/users, while we provide the agreed level of research, content writing and editorial support you may require.

There are various affordable financial models available for a white labelling contract with us depending on your needs and interests.

The benefits of using a smart phone-based audio, location aware app, branded with your corporate identifiers, include avoiding the costly investment in dedicated audio tour systems, plus upkeep. 

It is a great adjunct to formal tours hosted by tour guides who are freed from the repetitive recital of a standard script to provide a more personal and dedicated service to guests. 

It is ideal for museums and historic sites that spread over larger tracts of property (e.g. historic villages and fortresses), and equally ideal for walking/cycling tours of downtown areas.

The app may use GPS for tours over larger areas, where as scannable QR codes located at each display would provide the content in smaller sites.

The ideal time to sign up is now, so that we can help you prepare for the next tourism season.  Please provide your preferred contact details below and we’ll be in touch within 24hrs.

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