Travelling during COVID-19

The rules regarding travel during this time of COVID-19 vary from region to region. The stories we feature about local tourism resources and attractions may not contain the latest updates on the COVID-19 social distancing and travel-related rules. Attractions that AutoWIKI™ tells you about may therefore still be closed due to COVID-19. AutoWIKI™ users are urged to check and monitor local rules and conditions as an integral part of the journey.

 A related consequence to the COVID-19 shut downs is that a number of local businesses, museums, studios, etc. have been badly affected economically and will not be re-opening with the gradual re-opening of local economies, and some will close permanently. These things are in such a state of flux that it is impossible for AutoWIKI™ to be fully up to date. Please bear with us as we work on catching up with such closures.

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If you have any questions or feedback about how to travel safely with AutoWIKI during this pandemic, You can contact Us: