Listen to Location-based content while you travel

As a family we’ve always done road trips. And so, in anticipation of an upcoming road trip, Delphine said “I wish there was some kind of app that would tell us the stories of the places we travel through. Surely every village and town has a story.” 

 That time she completed the road trip in the ‘normal way’, relying on the clutter of maps, hard copy glossy tour guides, and, where free WiFi would allow, some Internet exploration. Not anymore. She now has AutoWIKI™ on her phone. 

 Delphine du Toit is the person who came up with the idea of the app and Nik Edmiidz, her son, is the person who brought it to life. AutoWIKI™ is a mother-son collaboration that puts the fun and adventure back into travel. AutoWIKI™ is the app that tells you the stories about places, as you approach them. It’s like having a local resident as your tour guide. You learn surprising things, some of it will just be fun trivia to know about; others will influence the choices you make on how to spend your time on your journey. AutoWIKI™ automatically updates your location and finds interesting stories to tell, as you travel in your auto (or walk or cycle).

Nik and Delphine at Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia